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About Us


Father and Daughter exporters founded in 2022. We have made a reputation within the Import & Export sector. That’s because we believe in providing the best quality products, services, and supplying the identical to our valued customers. We are happy with our skilled workforce, our experience of the market in Asia, Europe, and America, and our will to provide best quality products. Our company is registered by all the government and private bodies. Father and Daughter exporters is one of the leading textiles, leather products, make-up, grocery, jewellary, garments, manufacturing, and gernal merchandise exporters from Pakistan. We believe that success comes from a relentless focus on innovation and execution.


Quality and style, year after year

We are manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of textile made-ups, dry fruits, livestock, minerals like jewellaries, garments, leather bags, make-up, Itching Stick Back, and Massager Back etc. That’s because we believe in making only the very best quality products and supplying the same to our valued clients.

Comfort that becomes part of you

Customers often tell us they had been searching for “the perfect items” for years, until they discovered Father and Daughter exporters. Something missing is found. They are complete. This isn’t simply about having the right decision. Our services are prepared with care, to be loved over time. To age with you, becoming a comfortable part of every day.

Unbeatable customer service, for life

Our goal, for every person considering best products in every field like, leather, make-up, grocery, jewellary, garments, manufacturing, and gernal merchandise, is to find exactly the right fit. We want you to smile every time and get products from us.

We design our range to last so we also make sure our customer service lasts. That includes free shipping around within Pakistan and no-questions-asked returns and exchanges.

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